Rallying voters in battleground states for Trump

Hello, America. My wife Mary and I recently returned home to West Virginia after spending three days with patriots in Boulder City, Nevada and Kingman and Sun City, Arizona. We were assisting the Conservative Campaign Committee's mini-tour of battleground states to help elect GOP candidates and reelect President Trump. Despite the grueling travel and temperatures over 100 degrees, Mary and I did the tour because the American people need to see patriots standing up for our country, police, and president. Wicked fake news media is deceptively promoting violent, anti-American, Marxist domestic terrorists as saints. Democrat governors and mayors have given Marxists free rein to wreak havoc in our streets. Deranged Democrats seek to indict a married couple for not allowing a Black Lives Matter mob to burn down their home and murder them and their dog. Fake news media is mute about BLM shooting and murdering a young white mother for daring to say, “All lives...(Read Full Post)
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