Erasing America

We are being told that white people are racist, inherently so.  And that there is nothing they can do about it.  We are also being told that black people can't be racist, period. Think about this.  We are being told that one group of people is racist — and another isn't — due entirely to the color of their skin!  What could possibly be more racist than that? This would be an amusing Babylon Bee spoof...yet it is real and happening all around us every day.  But, sadly, there is more.  Ever so much more. People who wish to peacefully attend one party's political rally are called selfish monsters, those who loot stores and burn down buildings are deemed heroic.  Conservatives have been chased off nearly every campus in the country for years.  Outright institutional bias against them is now being sanctioned and codified.  Even more chillingly, Big...(Read Full Post)
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