Don't be upset that the Ronald Reagan Foundation dissed President Trump

It was big news over the weekend: the Reagan Foundation was asking both President Trump and the Republican National Committee to stop using Ronald Reagan's name in their fundraising.  The Democrats and NeverTrumps were very excited.

They shouldn't have been.  The people presiding over the Reagan Foundation are a mix of NeverTrumps and people who are part of the Bush family cabal.  The Bush family and its supporters hate Trump.  Their opinions about Trump's campaign are as meaningful as the Democrat party's views are.

The Washington Post broke the story:

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute formally asked the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee to stop using the 40th president's name and image to raise money.

The request came in response to a fundraising appeal sent from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint effort of the Trump campaign and the RNC, offering two commemorative coins, one engraved with Reagan's image and the other with that of President Trump to anyone who donates $45 or more for Trump's reelection. The email was "signed" by Trump.

Melissa Giller, the Reagan Foundation's chief marketing officer, told Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty that the request to cease sales of the coins was made by phone to the RNC last week. Giller said the RNC agreed to stop using Reagan to solicit funds for Trump's reelection.

The foundation, which runs the Reagan Presidential Library near Los Angeles, was provided sole rights of the use of Reagan and his wife's names and images. While the foundation can't stop every time the Reagans' likenesses are used, it claims the right to stop groups from using them for political or commercial gain.

It was pretty shocking to learn that the Reagan Foundation was objecting to the most conservative president since Reagan.  On second thought, it wasn't just shocking; it was downright weird.

That is, it was weird until people looked at who's running the Reagan Foundation and discovered that the Foundation had fallen victim to a variation of John O'Sullivan's first law.  The original law, which the conservative columnist John O'Sullivan coined in 1989, states that "all organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing."  The new variation is that "all organizations will over time become hostile to conservativism."

Mark Levin was one of the first to figure out what was going on:

It's not just Fred Ryan who's a problem.  In terms of support for Trump in his battle against Biden and the communists in Biden's train, here are some other problematic board members:

Those are just a few of the board members whose bios I checked out.  I'm sure there are many others on the board who are core conservatives, who have no problem with Trump, or who even support Trump.  However, with so many NeverTrumps on the board, it's scarcely surprising that they would try to deprive Trump of the opportunity to campaign using the name and likeness of the only other president who came even close to Trump's conservatism.

Here's a final thought: Reagan was the president of the United States of America, not of a foundation or a library.  The Foundation may hold his documents and be the guardian of his image, but that does not give it the right to withhold any part of his public life or image from the American people — or from an American president who wants to remind the people that, just as Reagan stood against worldwide communism, President Trump is making a last, desperate stand against domestic communism.

Image: National Archives and Records Administration.

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