Dems need another seasonal virus to sink Trump's re-election

The communists in our country (Big Media, Democrat Party, etc.) are working overtime to make our virus lockdowns permanent in order to destroy our economy and to blame President Trump, elect Old Joe Biden, and flip the Senate.  Their plan to achieve this goal is to declare that the seasonal virus, which will arrive sometime around October, is in fact more virulent than the novel coronavirus and thus warrants continued extreme protection measures.  The evidence that this is true is fairly convincing from CDC and independent studies.

The scenario that would unfold then should be familiar to us all.  Under further lockdowns, the U.S. economy will be destroyed within several months.  President Biden will put most of the country on social welfare programs like unemployment insurance, food stamps, and Medicare for All and massively increase taxes on those who still have jobs to redistribute wealth.  The economy will be totally overhauled per the Green New Deal.  Dissenters will be bought off, silenced through intimidation, or prosecuted à la Michael Flynn.  And on and on.

There is a simple antidote to this horrifying scenario, which is to terminate the disastrous coronavirus lockdowns immediately to unchain our economy.  To those who may protest, simply point out that America easily avoided extreme protection measures against the most recent seasonal virus (which was even more virulent than the coronavirus, as explained earlier). Time is critical.  If we do not employ this argument now, it will be used against us in the fall, only this time to justify lockdowns rather than to argue against them.

State governors must take the lead to terminate their disastrous lockdowns immediately, and the federal government should incentivize them to do so.  For if they do not, they will find that through the “madness of crowds” and pressure from the communists, those lockdowns may become permanent.  And the America as we know it will cease to exist as we descend into chaos.

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