COVID ratting on your neighbors made EZ

Too few of us realize we are frogs in water that is slowly being brought to a boil.  Ergo, here is my "Top 10" list of cities, counties, and states that have hotlines for citizens to rat on neighbors and business deemed to be violating COVID-related edicts from unaccountable bureaucrats.  Note, there are many worthy candidates that continue to raise their game, along with a pipeline of emerging entrants, so this list will be continuously updated and likely expanded.  1. Santa Ana, California took inaugural honors in March with this "service" to the community:  "Who to Call: COVID-19 Hotlines, Report Open Businesses and Fraud, Reach City Services" 2. Los Angeles was the first megacity, back in May, with this headline: 'What Could Go Wrong?': LA County Launches Hotline To Report Businesses Violating Stay-At-Home Orders' 3. Cleveland's Cuyahoga County joined the fun this...(Read Full Post)
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