Chris Wallace, the Brian Stelter of Fox News, interviews President Trump

Chris Wallace's interview of President Trump went about as expected. Wallace, a NeverTrump from the beginning of Trump's entry into the presidential campaign of 2016, was idiotically gleeful in his feeble attempts to embarrass Trump with phony polls and other media challenges to his presidency and campaign. Given how wrong the polls were in 2016, it's foolish of Wallace to tout them again.  Wallace was eager to defend the hapless Biden, who, as Trump said, cannot put two sentences together even as he is reading them from a teleprompter.  One obvious reason for this is that Biden did not write them, did not even think them.  At the moment, he is just a front, like Woody Allen in the film of that name.  He is only the visible manifestation of the Democrat presidential nominee, and he is a pathetic one at that.  He is not competent; he barely ever was.  As Robert Gates wrote in his book, Joe Biden has been wrong on foreign policy for forty years.

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Wallace's thoroughly biased interview began and ended with his obvious disdain for the president.  Every time he is about to be disrespectful, he says "respectfully, sir."  Wallace clearly disrespects this president, who promised to drain the swamp.  His questions drip with oleaginous contempt.  Wallace is a second-generation member of that swamp.  Like the rest of the left, he cannot fathom why so many millions of Americans love the man, love what he got done before the virus arrived from China.  Trump has handled this pandemic well, but no Democrat will ever admit that.  Having to bail out the governors who were so dangerously ill prepared for such an event has been embarrassing. 

Instead, the party of Ilhan Omar and Al Sharpton praises the inept Gov. Cuomo of N.Y., who oversaw thousands of needless deaths of elderly victims by forcing them into nursing homes rather than the field hospitals or the hospital ship Trump had delivered.  Cuomo is barely more capable than NYC Mayor de Blasio, who has made his city seem like a scene from the film Escape From New York.  In the film, N.Y. City has become so crime-ridden that it has devolved into a maximum-security prison.  De Blasio has released thousands of prisoners onto the streets because of COVID.  What sense this makes is anyone's guess, but the rise in the crime rate is the obvious result.

Did Chris Wallace want to address any of these crises in the Democrat-run cities that have been relinquished to the violence of BLM and Antifa?  Oh, no.  He interrupted Trump every time he uttered that truth.  And to make matters worse, these Democrat leaders in their blighted cities refuse the federal help the president has offered.  Surely, their citizens can see the terrible damage governors like Newsom, Whitmer, Pritzker, and Murphy, and mayors Walz, Durkan, et al., are doing to their constituents.  This will be a law and order election.  Those who want to support the violence brought to their cities by BLM and Antifa, both organizations apparently generously funded by Soros and his pals, will vote for the wretched Biden.  Those who love this country will vote to re-elect the president. 

Wallace is so comfortably immersed in his bubble of leftism, his ease among colleagues who think exactly as he does, that he is seemingly unaware of how his bias taints his every question.  And with each "gotcha" question, he is clueless that Trump gets the better of him.  Like the rest of the left, Wallace loves COVID!  After all of the Democrats' past efforts have failed to remove Trump from office, they are convinced the virus will be his undoing.  Wallace attempted to fact-check the president's answers on the subject; he did so poorly.  Everyone knows that the media and the medical establishment are tampering with the numbers, that despite known cases rising due to testing, mortality is down.  Chris made a fool of himself on this topic; like Biden, he favors his own manipulated "facts" over truth.

Wallace cited Dr. Redfield of the CDC!  Like the WHO, the CDC is shot through with bias and corruption.  After all that has been revealed about that institution, it is shocking that Wallace would bring it up.  Wallace reveres the duplicitous publicity hound Dr. Fauci, who has been wrong on nearly all aspects of the virus from day one, just as he was during the AIDS epidemic.  Wallace showed clips of Trump early on in the pandemic but none of Fauci's wrong-headed predictions and prescriptions.  That is how the left produces its fake news.  It picks and chooses the bits and pieces of what has actually occurred and paints a thoroughly dishonest picture of the truth.  For example, Joe Biden is on record calling for the de-funding of the police, but Wallace denied this.  It was in an interview, not so baldly stated in his frightening Biden-Sanders Unity Agreement, a document that should scare the hell out of every American.

Wallace delighted in bringing up Trump's niece's ridiculous book, more proof that Wallace has descended into the gutter of gossip politics, National Enquirer territory.  This is how low Fox News Sunday has sunk.  Wallace thinks he is fair!  That is how disconnected from reality he is.  He grovels to Democrats and insults Republicans with relish.  The clip of his interview with Comey is hardly evidence of his fairness.  Comey's party is irrelevant because his actions are indefensible; even Wallace can see that. 

Most egregious on Wallace's part was his introduction of "new polls" that show Biden beating Trump. Wallace could not conceal his delight in relating these to the president. Wallace is a thug in a small-man body. His behavior in this interview is reminiscent of the memorable quote from the old film, People Will Talk: to paraphrase, Wallace is a "little man. He is little in the mind and the heart. In that interview, he tried to make a man little whose boots he couldn't touch if he stood on tiptoe on top of the highest mountain. And now he is even littler than before." Wallace did himself no good in that interview. He revealed himself even more clearly as an instrument of the swamp and an enemy of the American people.

Most long-time Fox viewers gave up watching Fox News Sunday long ago for good reason. Since Trump became president, the Sunday show we once looked forward to as an antidote to the blatant prejudice against all things pro-American/conservative that CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC spews each Sunday has failed us. Wallace long ago made FNS a clone of those anti-Trump programs. Who can deny, as Wallace did to the president, that young people are being taught to hate their own country in school, especially in university? That is an undeniable fact and yet Wallace denied it. The man lives in the same bubble as the rest of the swamp.

Trump came out of this interview like the leader he is, truthful, spontaneous, far better informed than Wallace on a wide variety of subjects and as the man who should be and will be re-elected. A Biden victory would mean the end of America as founded, a nation based on freedom, individual rights and the equality of all mankind.

Wallace embarrassed himself as surely as Brian Stelter embarrasses himself every time he opens his mouth, for Wallace, like the rest of the never-Trumpers, loathes not only Trump but his many millions of supporters. Trump is the 2020 incarnation of Ronald Reagan, a lover of the country and its people, all of them. Wallace and his ilk truly despise those of us who support this president.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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