BLM's corporate extortion

As Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots ransacked brick-and-mortar businesses over the summer, publicly traded companies, especially retail, began ponying up tremendous sums of money to BLM-affiliated organizations.  The staggering sums promised by Walmart, Target, Nike, McDonald's, and others might be dismissed as a marketing stunt in a different context, but the size and timing of the donations suggests something more sinister. These corporations have tremendous presence in black communities and are in close proximity to the riots.  Their exposure is not limited to physical assets that might be looted or damaged; brands themselves may suffer reputational damage.  After a black drunk driver who pointed a stolen taser at a police officer was shot dead in a Wendy's parking lot, the restaurant was set ablaze in retaliation.  Wendy's, its logo in the frame of every photo of the incident, loudly announced a $500,000...(Read Full Post)
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