Beating Trump will not go well for Democrats

The left is burning down the nation, while Democrat leaders nod their heads in approval and media figures exhort the imaginary privileged majority to see the purity and beauty of the "mostly peaceful" flames.  After all, as the beneficiaries of America's systemic racism, not only do they have it coming, but this is merely the beginning of the "fundamental transformation" Barack Obama promised.

And all this is taking place while there is a Republican-controlled Senate and Trump in the White House.  Reagan was right: the republic is always never more than a generation away from failure.

What will be our destiny should the Democrats win the presidency and the two houses of Congress?  This notion was once preposterous, but now, with the riots and Democrats prolonging lockdowns as weapons to kill the economy so they can be used as bludgeons against the president in November, this idea is worthy of concern, if not our absolute terror.

For a peek at the possibilities, look to the original "masked man," Governor "Blackface" Northam, who pushed through a huge number of laws that the majority of Virginians did not want but the left believed was their due.

Or take a gander at Andrew Cuomo, the smallest man in America — so diminutive that he needs his brother Fredo to constantly reassure him he is "big."  He issues edict after edict.  When one of his edicts killed thousands of our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers in nursing homes and elder care facilities, the "Luv Guv" deflected the blame onto everyone else.  He even had a flunky write a report clearing him.  It is good to be king, and the death of loved ones is the price society must pay to have such a "big" leader as the venerated Cuomo.

One of the ironies of the lockdowns is that they unlocked within our Democrat governors and mayors the realization of the enormous power they held as essentially kings of their particular domains.

Their desire to rule by decree in the variegated agglomeration of 50 different countries tied together in a federation that constitutes our republic will only intensify with the Democratic Party pulling off a national sweep in federal elections this November.  Should Trump lose while the Democrats keep the House and retake the Senate, rule by edict will be here to stay in both the federal government and the various statehouses.

Schumer, presumably the Democrat choice for majority leader of the Senate, will first do away with the filibuster, allowing a simple majority to pass legislation.  He will add Supreme Court justices.  The Green New Deal will again be put in play.

The Democrats will outlaw guns and make war on America.  Nothing will be off the table in this fight.

Yet they will learn the hard way that in war, your enemy gets a vote.  Having made enemies of police departments coast to coast, it is hard to see how they are going to successfully take people's guns.

Regular Joe and Jane Schmo, deplorables with bad habits like food, family, and shelter, will teach them a little about the vaunted American ingenuity that was once so popular around the cracker barrel.  As Clint was wont to state, "reckon so..."

Using the spring's actually peaceful protests against the lockdowns and the falsely "mostly peaceful" riots as a template, the nation will see huge rallies in numbers putting Trump rallies to shame, where most people will be legally armed (well, "legally" prior to the legislation and regulations they plan to use to make it illegal).  Police will stand down while the Dems call for the National Guard and the Army to quell what they claim is "rioting."  Media will be hard pressed to come up with displays of any actual violence.

The Dems will deploy Antifa and BLM.  Antifa, as a bunch of ersatz tough guys, will fold like the spoiled children they are.  It is fun to break stuff only when nobody is there to "break" back.

BLM will be tougher, but they also will fold as most of their fake white support decide that discretion is the better part of valor and retire from the field of battle only to grow old telling their grandkids about the time they took to the streets to loot Target in defense of, wait, that's wrong; they were against oppression.  Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket!

What is left of BLM, seeing they are badly outnumbered, and with no possibility to make any money from being victims this time around, will melt into the crowd.

And just like that, it will be over.  Except for the trials of Democratic Party, Antifa, and BLM leaders.

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