Are leftists targeting black conservatives?

Recent news brought two alarming stories. In Milwaukee, an unknown person shot and killed Bernell Trammell, a black Trump supporter. In Portland, an Antifa member attempted to kill Andrew Duncomb, aka “Black Rebel,” a black conservative. Since we currently don’t know who shot Trammell, we can’t say with certainty that his murder was tied to his politics. Nevertheless, the fact that two black conservatives were targeted over two days is deeply troubling.

Bernell Trammell owned a business called eXpressions Journal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had covered the business with signs supporting President Trump. On Thursday morning, he gave a video interview explaining his support for Trump:

To Trammell, Trump was a “sign of the times.” That is, Trump’s actions were in keeping with prophetic signs and blacks needed to pay attention.

Trammell believed that the first example of Trump’s prophetic nature was his decision to do something no president has ever done, which was to hire an African-American woman to work closely with him. (That would be Omarosa Manigault Newman, who repaid Trump with ingratitude.) Trammell also felt strongly that Trump had distinguished himself by sitting down and really talking to African-Americans.

Just a few hours after giving that interview, an unknown person shot Trammell to death. Because Trammell was a well-known Trump supporter, the Republican Party of Wisconsin asked the U.S. attorney to look into the murder:

“Because of Trammell’s well-known political activism and the possibility that his murder could be politically motivated, I respectfully request that United States Attorney Matthew Krueger open an investigation,” said Andrew Hitt, chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, late Friday.

Meanwhile, in Portland, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, police arrested Blake David Hampe for attempting to stab Andrew Duncomb to death. Duncomb is also known as Black Rebel because, in addition to supporting conservative principles and Donald Trump, he likes the Confederate flag. He contends that it has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with heritage.

In a Periscope live stream from his hospital bed, Duncomb told what had happened to him. He said that he’d been “stabbed seven inches inside of my flank [actually, from the look of things, he was stabbed seven inches into his abdomen].” Luckily, the knife missed all major organs and arteries. Duncomb was clear that Hampe tried to murder him: “The knife was long enough, and he stabbed me to kill me.”

Hampe had been stalking Duncomb and his friends all night. When Duncomb saw Hampe, he went up to him, clapped him on the shoulder and asked, in a bright, friendly voice, “What’s up, buddy? Why do  you keep trying to follow us around?” That’s when Hampe tried to kill him.

It turns out that Hampe is a bit more than your average violent, immoral Antifa thug. Back in 2007, Hampe was indicted in the U.S. District Court in Maine for knowingly possessing child pornography. When he was arrested, his car was filled with objects that made it look as if he were preparing to entice children so as to rape them.

(It’s worth noting that pedophiles and Antifa seem to be something of a matched set. Consider, too, the fact that the whole Epstein and Maxwell story indicates that the rich and famous here and in England may have serious pedophile issues. Maybe it’s just random coincidence, or maybe there’s something about leftism, immorality, and predations against children that all goes together.)

But back to the main point: Over two days, two high profile black conservatives were on the receiving end of very targeted violence. One, thankfully, lived; the other, sadly, died.

I’ve long said that black conservatives are the most courageous people in America. The insults leveled against them from the left for daring to depart from Democrat orthodoxy are staggering. They would make an antebellum Confederate or Jim Crow racist feel that he’d been a rank amateur when it came to verbally demeaning blacks. If you want some insight into what happens to blacks who “blexit,” I recommend Larry Elder’s Uncle Tom.

Looking at what happened to Trammell and Duncomb, those same black conservatives are going to need their courage if the left is transitioning from verbal assaults to real ones.

Image: YouTube screengrab

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