Will the left hit bottom?

I once watched a family pleading in unison, begging my supervisor for help.  Repeatedly, they asked him why he wouldn't readmit their son for inpatient treatment.  In my head, I tried to solve the puzzle of what was going on.  Money?  The family had plenty of money and was willing to pay anything to get the son into a drug and alcohol facility.  Bed space?  Our facility had several vacancies.  Liability?  This was rehab, and everything was a liability all day long, every day.  The family eventually left my supervisor's office, and he shut the door behind them, sat down at his desk, swiveled his chair around and faced me.

"How much do you hate me right now?"  He waited as I struggled with balancing my desire to be honest and my goal of maintaining employment.  My supervisor continued, "It's getting really ugly now.  He's getting worse.  Possibly hitting bottom.  Until he does that, we can't help him, and helping him any sooner will only hurt in the long run, because he'll wind up right back in the same mess again."

It took me some time, but I eventually got it.  Helping too soon hurts the patient.  Getting worse means a chance for getting better.  Getting worse pushes transparency to the floor, center stage — making reality face exposure.  Motives, alliances, underhanded dealings, and shady enabling resources become shared knowledge of secrets only in the past.  I learned it irrevocably then that hitting bottom bleeds out all secrecy.  Killing secrecy and cover-ups is the answer to recovery, and that hitting bottom takes time.

Now America is under assault. Under the strategically marketed spin of underdogs championing a forever oppressed minority, freedom of speech is distorted by domestic terrorists such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  These domestic terrorists continue to gain sympathetic support from the malleable and ill informed.  Destruction of property and ongoing violent threats are marketed as the fault and byproduct of racial inequality.  All inequality is deemed abuse.  Such racial abuse purportedly lies within everything including and beyond law enforcement, education, and sports.  America is cast as the historical oppressor in need of rehab.

An array of fancy, expensive academic words and trendy street slang has congealed to spout out bait-and-switch claims that they are helping America, not killing her, just removing her undeserved limbs.  Big-budget broadcasts are the new enablers of the suicidal patient — the United States of America.

As with every patient, there is a will to get better and a core source for activating this will.  The effective doctor will knowingly separate the core source of will from the decoy internal manipulation of distortion.  The effective doctor waits for the right timing — when all facts are undeniably exposed, all arguments are sufficiently exhausted and extinguished, and then — only then — the effective doctor strikes.  Striking too soon or on the wrong target is a tempting layman's mistake.  It takes a seasoned professional to change the things he can and at the right time.  This professional must know the difference between right and wrong targets and right and wrong timing.

President Donald Trump has the wisdom to know the difference.  He will not waste time and resources engaging in decoy fights.  Not in the streets and not in the studios.  He will wait with great patience and skill.

Ruling out the inapplicable is a start.  No, this is not about black people being oppressed — though we can continue to let our emotions about that justify graffiti, vandalism, theft, and assault; say that anyone who points out the facts is a bigot; and then blame President Trump for the chaos.  From four-star generals to apologetic soccer moms, everyone in our American family is blaming Trump.  No, saying "we all bleed red" is not racist.

To quote Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, "What we are talking about is not what we are talking about."  President Trump will wait until the children's decoy rantings and antics explode and undiluted straight reality can offer what our country needs.