The irony of kneeling during the National Anthem

Thoughtful discussion is a dying art, and yet I found myself in the middle of one with a learned colleague who supported NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem.  Surprisingly, he told me he wanted to understand why I found this act so offensive when the intent was only to bring attention to racial injustice and remind everyone that "people of color" are still denied full access to the promise of America. If there's one task that must be accomplished at all costs, it's persuading every citizen that the flag and anthem represent the Constitution and those common goals, freedoms, and rights that unify us all as a nation.  These ideals apply to everyone and are immutable.  Regardless of the era, the ideology of the current of the government, or recent cultural trends, the words and guarantees do not change.  Therefore, they should be honored and revered by all Americans because they apply to all Americans. The acts...(Read Full Post)
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