The DNC panic is palpable

Circumventing the rigors of election campaigning and hiding Joe Biden from the American public, the DNC just announced there won't be a large Democrat conclave in August, blaming the COVID-19 pandemic.  Going forward, Mr. Biden will continue a tightly controlled, wholly scripted campaign from the basement of his Delaware home, concluding with a "virtual" nomination.  Upon affirmation, he will then travel to Milwaukee to deliver his acceptance speech to an empty arena.  In fact, Tom Perez, DNC chairman, informed the delegates they aren't welcome in Wisconsin.  And while the DNC isn't planning to completely scrap the entirety of their convention programming, his fear is palpable and most likely attributed to the likelihood of convention rioting, Mr. Biden's declining mental acuity, and the untimely rise of the angry Marxist mob.

Undoubtedly, Tom Perez wants to avoid an encore performance of the disastrous 1968 Democrat Convention, at which fierce rioting just outside the convention hall in Chicago overshadowed the nomination of Hubert Humphrey and permeated the nightly news broadcasts.  Democrats had already suffered two major political setbacks prior to the start of their 1968 convention: incumbent President Lyndon Johnson's declining to run again for office in March and the assassination of party favorite Robert Kennedy in June.  By August, there was no clear frontrunner for the top of the Democrat ticket, and the virulent Vietnam antiwar protest sentiments spilled out onto the convention floor.  Given the current unrest in America, punctuated by nightly rioting in America's major cities, monument defacement, statue-toppling, and extreme far-left violence, the timing is ripe for all-out warfare on the streets of Milwaukee.  Understandably, the Democrats want to prevent bad optics while camouflaging the awkward handicap of presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

The DNC and the liberal fake news media have tried their best to provide cover for Mr. Biden.  Sadly, their herculean efforts have been in vain, insomuch as every videoed speaking engagement, whether live from the Biden basement or a previously taped segment, exposes more proof of the ugly truth: Joe Biden is suffering from obvious, unmistakable mental decline.  He frequently stammers and stutters, his speech patterns are hard to follow, he appears confused on camera, he's unable to answer simple questions coherently, and he often wanders off into the word salad weed patch.  In a candid moment, former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe remarked during a Democrat operative teleconference that Joe Biden ought to remain in his basement until November.  McAuliffe also said the Democrats would prefer it that way — not exactly a vote of confidence, nor a ringing endorsement of their candidate.

McAuliffe's off-the-cuff assessment of Biden's declining mental acuity is also shared by a majority of a thousand likely voters in a recent poll taken by Zogby Analytics.  Asked if they thought Mr. Biden was suffering the early stages of dementia, 55% of respondents said "yes."  Extrapolating the numbers, 77% of the people who identified as Republicans absolutely agreed that Biden has early-onset dementia, while 56% of independents also think so.  Surprisingly, one third of the Democrats polled recognize the symptoms of dementia in their presumptive candidate; however, they will vote for Biden regardless.

If those numbers don't cause concern for Biden's campaign team, the Democrat number-crunchers ought to be paying attention to the 60% of those polled between the ages of 18 and 29, who also think Biden is suffering diminished mental acuity.  More troubling is the belief that there will be an overwhelming turnout for Democrats of BLM and Antifa voters.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The targeted violence, trashing of liberal enclaves in Democrat-run cities, and nightly riots since May signals one thing: anarchy and the growing anger of Marxist malcontents in America, who have stated emphatically that an overthrow of the U.S. government is necessary for change.  Translated, the Marxist mob is willing to wage a violent revolution in order to oust the two-party American system of government.  Not mincing words, BLM president and co-founder Hawk Newsome made it very clear, telling Fox News host Martha MacCallum, "If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it," which doesn't sound like a guaranteed vote for Joe Biden, nor does it signal that BLM and Antifa are on board with the Democrats.  It's no wonder that Tom Perez is afraid. 

(This post has been updated to correct an error about Hubert Humphrey's name.)

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