The dark night rises

Most Americans believe we are all G-d's children and want to solve racial issues lovingly, peacefully, and constructively — not with hate, violence, and destruction.  However, for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and most peaceful protesters, the antidote to racism is to "dismantle the mechanisms of white supremacy."  To improve "the system," we must destroy "the system" because it is inherently racist.  They foment chaos by destroying property and infrastructure, terrorize the population into compliance, annihilate the criminal justice system, and abolish the police.

After the racist systems and infrastructure have been toppled, what happens to "[e]ven the most liberal, well-intentioned white person" who, as Van Jones says, "has a [racism] virus in his or her brain that can be activated in an instant"?  The crafty germ hides in the bloodstream, popping out at weird times: when you are alone in Central Park, refuse to take a knee, or argue that All Lives Matter.  Already we've seen those who utter the wrong sentiment or resist the proscribed dogma, lose their jobs and pets, while being ostracized, blacklisted, forced to apologize, and prosecuted.  If you don't march with the protesters, you are a racist.

Just accuse, judge, and sew an "R" on our lapels!  What's next?  Child Protective Services taking children from parents accused of racism?

Will we be inoculated against our "inner racist" with "re-education" where we break down and confess our transgressions (the old 2 + 2 = 5 routine) while being brainwashed about what we can say, believe, and feel?  If ineffective, what's the next treatment?  Leper-like colonies?  Incarceration?  Execution?  The Black Bloc made its U.S. debut as early as the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle and reappeared with quite a punch during Occupy Wall Street, whose avowed Final Solution is to "eat the rich" (kill those who control the mechanisms of white supremacy).  Yes, executions.  This isn't tiddlywinks, folks.  It's violent insurrection. 

For true believers, we won't need police because there will be no crime.  Crimes are committed by victims of racist systems — minorities, the mentally ill, the drug addicted, the impoverished, the homeless.  Destroy the system that created them and you destroy the criminal behavior.  Crimes that sneak through will be handled by the community — by a group charged with enforcing a code of conduct and meting out punishment.  Oh, the irony.

They tried to self-police at daily OWS General Assemblies where grievances were aired, like this guy came into my tent and stole my weed, this guy took my bike, this guy raped me.  But self-policing failed.

Still, today's starry-eyed masses demand a copless future.  It might just happen in New York City from misfeasance and malfeasance because Hizzoner is out of control.  Eventually, NYPD cops of all stripes just might conclude this isn't worth their lives and will leave — letting Gotham descend into Hell.

But Minnesota's Antifa-loving father-son duo of A.G. Keith Ellison and councilman Jeremiah Ellison, are seriously proposing to "dismantle" the Minneapolis P.D.  Other cities are considering "defunding" their law enforcement.

While most understand this is citycide, I say let Minneapolis do it — with the caveat that each city councilperson, the mayor, the governor, and the A.G. himself, agree to be personally liable for any damage inflicted on any city resident.  Some just need to learn by touching the hot stove.

The naïfs in the movement don't quite fathom that copless futures lead to bedlam.  People will not acquiesce.  They will defend their homesteads, their piece of the American pie, and their families — even if it pits neighbor against neighbor and child against parent.  The union must be protected because it's the best thing the world has ever seen, and countless millions of all backgrounds have thrived here more than anywhere else at any other time. 

So go ahead and dismantle the levers of racism you see everywhere.  You are revanchists, not heroes.  You seek retribution, not solutions.  You sow destruction, not construction. 

But know that for every useful idiot you conscript, for every poor bastard you coerce into submission who is too inexperienced and ignorant to realize he is forfeiting his autonomy, for every person you get to raise hands and recite like cultists, there are others watching this Helter Skelter unfold in disbelief, who will not go silently into that dark night.

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