The angry left and states' rights

In another of today's many ironies, the angry left is essentially invoking the concept of states' rights, something normally anathema to the left's ideals.

These ideologues of the left, to whom the passion du jour also ironically dictates their ever-changing moral absolutes, have concluded that a laissez-faire approach to civic order suddenly makes sense.  Abolish the police.  What could go wrong?

We will set aside the legal question of whether municipal authorities have the authority to place their constituents at risk.  Courts no doubt will hash it out, for better or worse.  But for now the fever swamp that is the far left is fully embracing the concept of local control to a degree that would startle their Marxist forefathers.

Three cheers for local control.  It is the concept that allows individual states to experiment with different approaches to governance to see what works best.

We are about to undergo a potentially massive test of what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called "a laboratory" of "social and economic experiments" to see what works.  The beauty of it, according to Brandeis, is that whatever the outcome for the experimenters, the experiment can be performed "without risk to the rest of the country."

Brandeis did not say such experimentation would be without risk to the experimenters.  Much of the nation will be unaffected by the experiments about to begin in places like Minnesota, where the state's largest city, Minneapolis, is on the verge of "dismantling" its police department.

Despite the insistence of SJWs that government must have a hand in every realm of personal activity from educating children to removing gallstones, our nation's Founders were more in tune with what the Bible had in mind: a limited government.  Indisputably, God ordains government to suppress evil and punish evildoers (Romans 13:1–7 and 1 Peter 2:13–14).  In short, police and military actions.  But you will be hard pressed to find any biblical justification for government's meddling in activities best left to the church, families, and individuals.

Ironically, the one thing the left's latest mania would remove from government is the one thing government exists to perform.

About 300 New York police officers were injured in the recent rioting, which the mainstream press intentionally and misleadingly described as "protests."  Subsequently, former police commissioner Bernard Kerik said 600 New York cops may soon resign, having seen the writing on the wall.  If Minneapolis goes ahead with its threat to do away with the police department, add another 900 police officers to the list.

Even if Minneapolis doesn't completely eliminate its police force and goes the way of Chicago and L.A. and any of the other municipalities in the grip of leftist politicians considering cuts in funding or reductions in staffing, how many police officers do you guess will be willing to stay on those jobs once their civilian bosses have shown they will not have their backs?

What caliber of cop would be attracted to work for such cop-hating people?

If Minneapolis and similar cities think their cops aren't good now, just wait until only the most desperate for a job will be willing to risk their lives on the thin blue line in any capacity once these purges are completed.

The exodus won't be limited to police.  Expect similar flight from businesses and residents who face being left to the mercy of enforcers of political correctness instead of the protection from harm by sworn, armed police.  A Minneapolis manufacturer whose business was destroyed by rioting arsonists has announced the decision to relocate.  "They didn't protect our people," the owner of 7-Sigma said of city officials.  And that was when the city still had cops.

What law-abiding family will choose to subject its children to the chaos certain to follow once criminals understand armed police cannot be summoned?  What loony logic dictates the president of the Minneapolis City Council to conclude with a straight face that calling for the police in an emergency "comes from a place of privilege."

In another irony, another anathema of SJWs may come to pass because of their own experimentation in foolishness: the rich will get richer and the poor poorer — the rich being those police departments that value police work unimpeded by racial political correctness, the poor being those departments that value identity politics above public safety.

Let the experiments begin.

Mark Landsbaum is a retired journalist, former investigative reporter, editorial writer, and columnist.  He also is a Christian, husband, father, and grandfather. mlandsbaum@gmailcom.

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