Ten reasons why John Bolton is not to be trusted

Supporters of President Trump are irked to no end when people who used to work for him betray him.  Their basic lack of decency in turning on a man who appointed them to some of the highest offices in the land, we worry that their criticism may carry more weight to the undecided voter than the usual political hacks.  The latest attack, however, is different.  John Bolton's over-the-top accusations are self-defeating, and we are already seeing this story lose its luster.  Here's why: 1. He wants us to believe that the president of China admitted to the president of the United States (!) that he runs concentration camps. 2. He wants us to believe that President Trump, knowing full well that others were listening (Ukraine, anyone?), encouraged the Chinese to build more concentration camps. 3. He doesn't explain why he didn't resign immediately upon hearing that his boss supported concentration camps. 4. He doesn't...(Read Full Post)
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