Shear madness in the time of COVID

I'm trying to find a place where they will cut my wife's hair. Let me explain by way of an email I sent to a good friend that describes what we have gone through (e-mail headers and other info removed for privacy): Hi Paul, I'd like your opinion on something. On June 13 Bobbie and I got haircuts at Rob Roy at White City [in Shrewsbury. Mass.]. Bobbie told them ahead of time that she can't wear a mask due to a medical condition (asthma), but they said it was mandatory, so she relented. During her haircut she had trouble breathing, so with her fingers she pushed the mask away from her face a little bit so she could take in more air. She did her best to wear the mask under the circumstances. She then scheduled appointments for her and me for July 11, and left, whereupon I got out of the car and went in to get my haircut with no issues. Bobbie also left with them a paper copy of this statement which we each carry with us in our wallet/purse to try to educate...(Read Full Post)
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