Serial kneeling of America

In the past, protest was associated with getting up and standing up for one´s rights, but ever since the left decided that the world looks better upside down, some demonstrators drop to their knees. As much as abuse of power, not to mention killing of an unarmed individual, should and must cause outrage, indignation can´t be selective because it will end up shapeshifting into race-, religion- or sex-oriented hypocrisy.

A 66 year-old veteran, Dale Farhner died on May 12, 2020, 48 hours after “an altercation” with Veterans Affairs Police left him comatose, with a brain hemorrhage .Doesn´t this tragedy and the heinous act that caused it deserve more than a whisper from the mainstream media?

Lt. Col. Allen West asks a pertinent question: “Who Decides Who and What Is Essential and Which Lives Matter?” and observes:

“But the most vital issue in America right now is to stop enabling elected officials and the rule of the mob to determine who and what is essential — and whose lives matter.”

Among the serial kneelers there are ingrates like Colin Kaepernick who protests the anthem of a country that gave him opportunities and wealth no other country would. There are pleasers like L.A Mayor Eric Garcetti, who emphasizes: “I wore a mask when I took a knee.”  And the clueless ones in desperate need of a doctrine. But the most pathetic of all the subgroups are the weak-kneed knights, like National Guard troops kneeling before the crowd…


YouTube screen grab (cropped)

or dancing the Macarena:

Their disgraceful conduct proves that they don´t know the first thing about military leadership; As General Patton put it, “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.”

Advocates of kneeling seem to forget that an “Ad Nauseam Strategy” works for a very limited period of time, then (particularly if associated with Macarena…) and ends up as ridiculous and annoying propaganda.

Natural to humans, gesticulation is more difficult to re-write than history, and it´s hard to associate a posture of reverence and submission with dissent. I hope to never witness America on its knees before enemy foreign or domestic, don´t you?

Whoever opted to transform an unreflective mass genuflection into an equally thoughtless ideology must have dreamt about serial kneeling of America.

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