Midway: Victory and scandal

Seventy-eight years ago (on June 4–7, 1942), the United States Navy fought and won the Battle of Midway.  Courageous American warriors defeated a powerful Japanese invasion fleet and, in the process, sank of four of Japan's six largest aircraft carriers for the loss of one American carrier.  One of the tragic features of this battle is that, in the early stages of the fighting, wave after wave of attacking American aircraft were shot from the sky, their valiant pilots and gunners slaughtered, in what some have compared to the charge of the Light Brigade and the famous poem written about it.  How ironic it must have been — the many American pilots who died that day, mostly well educated, had surely read that poem, without premonition that it would someday serve as their symbolic epitaph. Significant to this commentary's theme, that poem includes these words: "Forward, the Light Brigade!" Was there a...(Read Full Post)
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