Liberal generals beclowning the military

It appears fashionable among the liberal former military leaders in our country to speak out against President Trump's offer to use the armed forces to put down the street violence that the liberal leaders of many cities allowed to continue.  Rioters, pillagers, looters, arsonists, murderers had overwhelmed the local law enforcement and were almost freely terrorizing the citizens of vast areas of our country, destroying public and private property, and killing or harming innocent citizens and peace officers — chaos.  Alleging that their public denunciations of President Trump are intended for the good, why do these former military leaders appear exclusively in the liberal media outlets, and how will their opinions help quell and not enhance the chaos?

Sufficient ink has been spilled for the "Mad Dog" Mattis mouth-foaming idiocy in the leftist thinkers' publication the Atlantic.  Other former military leaders have also provided their shallow understanding of the president's offer to quell the violence in places where the liberals would not.  Retired general Martin Dempsey, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was interviewed on this topic by NPR and unsurprisingly shared the same houghts as the Mad Dog in his liberal media offering.

Let's go back in time and remember General Dempsey, nominated as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by then-president Obama.  Let's remember this fierce defender of our country from the Benghazi fiasco.  In a Senate hearing, Dempsey was asked by Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), why F-16s at Aviano Air Base in Italy weren't deployed to Benghazi that night.  As recorded at the time, the General's response was as follows:

This is the middle of the night now, these are not aircraft on strip alert[.] ... They're there as part of our commitment to NATO and Europe.  And so, as we looked at the time line, it was pretty clear that it would take up to 20 hours or so to get them there.

Our military touts itself for operating on honor, integrity, pride, "leave no man behind"–type of high standards.  This testimony from a military commander was disgraceful — apparent cover for his preferred political party's presidential administration.  

It seems I can leave my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and be touring Benghazi, Libya in approximately the same time it takes our military to respond to a terrorist attack.  Based on the distance from the airbase in Italy to Benghazi, the flying time to Benghazi would appear to be about 1 hour for a fighter jet — a direct route from Italy's coast to Libya's coast over the Mediterranean Sea. 

Not having the fearless military mind of General Dempsey, possessing only common sense, if we have military personnel, aircraft, and equipment approximately one hour's flying time away, it is inconceivable that it would take 19 hours of preparations to get a plane or planes into the air in order to account for his "20 hours to get them there scenario," regardless of the time of night or strip alert.

Response time being of the essence was known to the military and political decision-makers.  Reports were coming from those on the ground, and a drone was circling overhead, recording all that was occurring on the ground.  This general's apparent response to their dire situation at the Consulate...the military air base is an hour away, but we'll be there in 20 hours.

Somewhere in the entire Benghazi scandal was the disgusting stench of politics in our country, that had so permeated Washington that it had and has even seeped into our military.  We expect as much from politicians, but not our military. 

Is it any wonder who and what General Dempsey was and is all about in his interview by NPR regarding President Trump's offer to use the military to quell the violence?  General Dempsey and his comrades in arms are another bit of sadness for our country as they busy themselves beclowning the military.