Let them secede

The breakup of America that we all knew was coming has finally begun.  Today, it is six communist community blocks in Seattle plus a gaggle of socialist cities that have decided to disband or alienate their police forces.  Tomorrow it will be entire states, Minnesota and Washington undoubtedly first but certainly not last.  They can even band together into Woketopia and field football teams that take a knee before every snap in front of empty stands.  I say let them go, and good riddance.

The world is full of failed socialist states.  In 1900, for example, Russia and America had identical populations of about 80 million each.  Now, over a century later, America has over twice the population of Russia and over 12 times the GDP.*  That’s what socialism does — it ruins, and it will ruin Woketopia, too.

Still, in spite of the facts, half of America appears to believe that socialism is the answer to its imagined woes.  So let them experiment with their pie-in-the-sky Green New Deal woke foolishness.  Many stories have been written about how that may look.  Woketopia will come back begging at a later time, and we can extract concessions then.  Until that time, just leave.

One valuable lesson we learned from the coronavirus lockdowns is that life goes on during a crisis (fake though that crisis may have been).  Many people lost jobs, and many others suffered, but essential goods and services did get delivered.  If there is some dislocation and inconvenience while the red states set up a capital in the heartland of New America, so be it.  The future looks bright.


USA and Russia Population 1900

USA Population now

Russia Population now

USA GDP now 

Russia GDP now

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