Let Seattle stew in its own excrement

The news out of Seattle is that Antifa has captured a seven-block area in central Seattle that they've dubbed the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ for short.

Given the protests (read: riots) across the country over the past two weeks and the feckless (at best) handling of said riots by leftist mayors and governors, that Seattle permitted this to occur is not surprising.

Seattle's Mayor, Jenny Durkan all-but encouraged the takeover of her city when she proclaimed:

Keeping demonstrations peaceful must be a joint effort between our community members and law enforcement.  I am hopeful that tonight, with these operational changes, our city can peacefully move forward together.

Of course, these operational changes were "letting these thugs overrun her city and confiscate a seven-block section of the Capital Hill district of Seattle."

Seattle, along with Portland and other hard-left run cities, has long been a cesspool of minimally tepid, if not enthusiastic support for Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

While my friends on social media are clamoring for the president to send in the National Guard and reclaim the city, I believe that a different tack is in order — let the people of Seattle stew in their own excrement.  Really.

You see, the challenge in our current debate (which is not really a debate, because whenever facts are presented, the left shuts down dialogue and lobs the ever present term "racist") is that the media have glorified the most heinous of acts in urban centers throughout the country in the name of justice.  But it's not about justice.  It's about rubbing raw the sores of discontent, as Saul Alinsky asserted in Rules for Radicals.  Rubbing these sores, as their tactic goes, energizes the most radical elements of the movement. 

Seattle suburbanites have been tacitly down with the struggle, as they have wanted to present their "wokeness" bona fides to their more radical leftist brethren.  These woke suburbanites need to be exposed.

Let Antifa have as much land mass as it can acquire through the weekend, invite as many of its brethren to enter the autonomous zone as it wishes, then cordon off their booty and blockade any and all raw materials and supplies from entering the, ahem, zone.  

Setup a checkpoint, à la East Berlin, and require any and all those wishing to return to America to pledge allegiance to our Constitution and our flag.  Those unwilling to re-enter civil society can remain in the autonomous zone until they come to their senses or perish. 

Seattle suburbanites need to be made to suffer for the consequences of their choices at the ballot box.  You want to subvert our Constitution, attempt to run roughshod over civil society?  Pay the price.

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