California legislators pit blacks against Asians in brainless move to bring back affirmative action

Riding the momentum of the George Floyd riots, California's legislators have moved to ask the voters to repeal Proposition 209, the voter-passed measure to end affirmative action.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

More than two decades after California voters banned consideration of race in university admissions, public employment and contracting with Proposition 209, the state Assembly on Wednesday approved a measure that would ask voters to repeal the law.

In a 58-9 initial vote, Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, secured the necessary two-thirds majority approval needed to send Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5 out of her house and to the state Senate. Only one Republican, Assemblyman Tom Lackey, R-Palmdale, voted in favor of the bill.

ACA 5 would repeal provisions of the 1996 ballot measure, which prohibited state institutions from granting preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. Advocates of the change said it would once again allow affirmative action in hiring, contracting, and admissions[.]

Apparently, they can't repeal it themselves since it was enacted by the voters.  But they can ask, and ask again, until they get the answer they want, which is what they're doing now.

Just one problem with this wokester scheme to never let a crisis go to waste: Asian-Americans can see that they're the target.

All of the contrived gains for African-Americans, and peoples of color that are expected to come, are going to come at Asian-Americans' expense.

"It does come with political peril," said Assemblyman Evan Low, D-Campbell, who supported the bill but expressed concern that he'd received 99 calls in support from his constituents and more than 3,000 in opposition, many from the Asian-American community.

Three thousand to 99 is a pretty good measure of just which voters are feeling motivated by this. 

This isn't Asian-Americans' first battle with this, either.  Back in 2018, in this piece I wrote on Orange County's Asian voters, I cited this passage on them from the New York Times:

And though they tend to hold liberal views on issues like gun control, climate change and public spending, the political causes that some Asian-Americans have rallied around in recent years have veered conservative. Organizing on the social media platform WeChat, Chinese immigrants mobilized in 2014 to kill legislation that would have resurrected affirmative action at California universities.

They won then.  They sound as though they are even more motivated now.

And they are growing in numbers.  Among public school kids enrolled in the state, Asian/Pacific kids make up about 12% of the state student body.  Blacks, who would make up the marquee beneficiaries, make up only 5.4% of the public school student body.  Hispanic kids, though, are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries — making up 54.6% of the beneficiaries.  The likeliest beneficiaries will be Hispanics, who will take their winnings out of the Asians' hides.

What's bad about this is that studies show that affirmative action tends to decrease the success prospects of the very people it is intended to help.  Affirmative action holds black people back.

But facts don't matter in a cauldron like California.

To capitalize on the Black Lives Matter sentiment going around, it's telling that a black old-line Democrat, state assemblywoman Shirley Weber, is introducing the bill.  She's from San Diego.  By coincidence again, the real crazies in the state Assembly are in the Latino bloc, the worst of which "coincidentally" also hail from San Diego, starting with professional affirmative action beneficiary Lorena Gonzalez, who unknowingly damned the entire idea of affirmative action by citing her economically illiterate self as proof of it being a good thing.

"I'm a product of Affirmative Action," added Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego). "Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today. I believe every qualified person from an underrepresented community in California should have the same opportunity I had."

Gonzalez is the one who killed the California gig economy and devastated entire industries, such as Hollywood, driving scores out of state, with her unpopular AB5 kill-independent-contractors law, which has wrought havoc.  Any time there's an economy-killing bill or a bad idea out there,  somehow she turns up.

The voter showdown will be a test of just how blue California really is.  Asian-Americans, whites, and probably principled people who are black or Latino are going to oppose this something fierce.  If it motivates them to get out to vote in November, it might also energize them to vote Republican. 

Democrats don't want that.  But they might just get it from angry Asian voters energized to vote on the grounds that their kids earned places in these schools.  They might just get it, good and hard.

Image credit: Wikipedia, public domain.

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