Jews fight back against de Blasio's continued persecution

New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio has a problem with Jews.  It surfaced during the lockdown when he targeted Williamsburg's orthodox community.  Since then, he's wholeheartedly supported mass protests in his city, while locking down all Jewish activity.

At the end of April, Williamburg's Hasidic Jewish community approached the police for permission to have an open-air funeral for their rabbi, complete with social distancing rules.  The funeral was more crowded than expected, so the police started dispersing the mourners, who immediately complied.

That wasn't enough for Comrade de Blasio, who attacked the Jews in tweets.  "Something absolutely unacceptable happened in Williamsburg tonite: a large funeral gathering in the middle of this pandemic."  De Blasio was so outraged, he ordered the police to go after the mourners and promised future arrests.

Aside from the problems inherent in trying to shift the blame for disease onto Jews, an ancient anti-Semitic practice, de Blasio's attack reeked of hypocrisy:

We didn't hear anything from de Blasio about the huge crowds that gathered in Central Park when the sun came out in recent days — no threats of arrests — nor did we hear anything from him regarding the city's packed subway cars, which spread COVID-19 pretty significantly without anyone doing anything about it.  It may even be something de Blasio can't do anything about, even if he were a creative man instead of a comrade.  Worse still, he didn't say anything as the mayor of a city when his state was forcing New York's nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients in the name of "fairness."  That's the biggest reason for New York's high coronavirus death toll: the man-made government-caused disaster at the nursing homes.

The mayor has since gotten worse. With the Black Lives Matter protests, de Blasio ignored the Wuhan Virus.  In early June, when unmasked protesters and looters were burning New York, de Blasio again went after the Jews:

Then, this past weekend, de Blasio escalated his war against the Jews.  The background is that, on Sunday, thousands of people poured into Brooklyn to support trans black lives.  Although some people wore masks, social distancing was nonexistent:

Mayor de Blasio was silent.  No scolding, no nothing.

De Blasio did, however, take other action to stop the spread of the Wuhan Virus in the same city that crammed its elderly people into nursing homes and watched them die.  He welded shut the gates of the biggest park in Brooklyn's Jewish community:

The neighborhood Jews, whose deep-running fear of pogroms means they're always loath to oppose the local government, finally had enough.  On Monday, they took their bolt-cutters and re-opened the playground:

Now that the city's orthodox Jews recognize de Blasio for an enemy, I suggest they take their anger at the mayor (or to any communist who wants to control New York) to the polling place in the next election.  They do have power.

Remember that, in the last election, out of a total population of 8,336,817, only 1,092,746, or 13%, bothered to show up.  Of that 13%, 726,361 voted for de Blasio.  The ones who didn't bother to vote effectively voted for de Blasio, too.  That means that over 95% of New York's population handed him his second term.

Perhaps the 77% of New Yorkers who didn't vote should show up next time.  That might be what it is needed to oust de Blasio from Gracie Mansion.

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