'Institutional racism' is the new blood libel

The riots that began in Minneapolis are the intended consequence of the fake history dished out by our media, Hollywood, and most colleges and public schools for the past 50 years.  This new "institutional racism" falsely blames all whites for every injustice — especially whites who are Christian or Republican or who love America.

These whites are the new Jews.  Minneapolis is the new Kishinev. 

In 1903, Kishinev was part of Russia and ruled by an emperor, the tsar.  Just before Easter, a non-Jewish girl there was depressed and swallowed poison.  She was rushed to a Jewish hospital, where she died. 

Jew-hating newspapers ran sensational fake news about her death.  They falsely reported that Jews killed her so they could use her blood for their Passover matzo.  That "blood libel" was war propaganda used by Greeks against Jews, who had rebelled against them 2,200 years ago in the days of the Maccabees.  That lie became established fake history throughout Europe because it was written in popular books at the ancient Greek library in Alexandria.

Things got worse during Holy Week.  Priests in the government-run Orthodox churches gave sermons with selected Gospel readings that falsely blamed Jews for persecuting and crucifying Jesus.

If Orthodox churches in Russia, like Protestants, had encouraged independent Bible study, many would have disagreed.  The Gospels of Mark and Luke tell of large crowds of Jews cheering Jesus as he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  Matthew and Luke tell how elites in the capital plotted to arrest Jesus at night, after the Passover Seder, so large crowds of Jews could not protect him.

Riots in Kishinev started after Easter Sunday services.  Hundreds of young gentile men went through Jewish neighborhoods.  They looted 600 Jewish-owned stores and destroyed 700 Jewish houses.  They robbed, beat, and killed every Jew they found.  My five-year-old grandmother survived because a non-Jewish neighbor took her in.  That neighbor taught her to recite a Christian prayer when the mob came.

The Russian police did nothing for two days.  Then they charged 250 Jews for using clubs, poles, and guns to defend themselves.  Government officials openly supported the rioters.  One said he understood the frustration of "poor peasants ruined by Jewish moneylenders."

Public domain photo.

This was good politics for the Russian tsar.  When they blamed Jews for their poverty and misery, Russians were not complaining about the corruption, incompetence, and brutality of their government. 

Unless there is new evidence, it looks as though George Floyd was killed by a brutal, incompetent cop who should have been fired years ago.  Three years ago, a 40-year-old white woman was shot and killed for no reason by a black officer of that same Minneapolis Police Department.

Do the media, politicians, and black leaders care about fixing problems?  If so, why don't they report and protest against corruption and incompetence by this Democrat-run city government?  Why don't they talk about how public employee unions and civil service rules make it almost impossible to fire bad cops?  Instead, they falsely blame "racism" by all white Americans, just as the 1903 Russian government and media of 1903 falsely blamed Jews.

They get away with it because Hollywood, schools, and colleges have taught fake history for the past 50 years.  They teach nothing about the Islamic Barbary kingdoms that enslaved black and white non-believers for a thousand years until America stopped it.  They teach nothing about the nearly two million whites who fought to end slavery in the Civil War and more than 300,000 who died.  They teach nothing of how the KKK was created by white Democrats in the South to terrorize white Republicans as well as blacks after the Civil War.  They teach nothing about the fake history Hollywood movie, Birth of a Nation, that revived the KKK and brought it to the rest of the country to re-elect racist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

Leave it to "progressive" Democrats to make the worst of Old Russia the "new normal" in America.

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