How to fight using viral jujitsu

Jujitsu means to turn a situation to one's own advantage by exploiting one's weaknesses or another's strengths.  That is exactly what the left intends with its plan to crash our economy in the fall as an October surprise at election time.  Today, the left finds itself in a weak position by advocating the highly unpopular anti-coronavirus protection measures such as masks, distancing, and lockdowns.  The right has taken the popular moral high ground by advocating back-to-work.

There is another even stronger argument that the right can marshal against the extreme anti-coronavirus protection measures that are advocated by the left.  Strangely, no one on the right has made this argument to my knowledge, but it is based on solid fact.  That argument is the disease burden of the regular seasonal virus just finished: from October 1, 2019 to April 4, 2020, there were 56 million regular seasonal viral infections (or 301,000 per day) and 62,000 deaths (source: CDC), even with a vaccine readily available.  The conclusion is that the regular, normal, "ho-hum" yearly virus that arrived in late fall and exited in late spring was arguably more virulent this season than the coronavirus.  The corollary is that, since we did not take any extreme antiviral protection steps and basically ignored the seasonal virus this year, as we pretty much do every year...and since that seasonal virus is arguably stronger than coronavirus...we should not need to take any extreme protection measures with the coronavirus, either.  In other words, the coronavirus pandemic is a fake.

These two strong arguments on the right, however, could be neutralized by a crafty leftist opponent, in jujitsu fashion, by exploiting the left's current weak position toward the end of the year.  For when the next seasonal virus arrives in late 2020, the left can pronounce that, since it undoubtedly will be stronger than the coronavirus (as it was this year), we must take even more extreme measures to protect ourselves against it.  This will inevitably lead to calls for permanent masks, distancing, and lockdowns, this time enforced by law and government oversight and management.  If this should happen, the left, aided by its sidekick Big Media, will have achieved something akin to the socialist Green New Deal without going through the democratic legislative process, and permanently destroying the American economy, which is its greatest desire.

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