Gretchen Whitmer has her ‘let them eat cake’ moment

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become a laughingstock for imposing draconian lockdown restrictions on her constituents while her own family violates them. Her husband was caught red-handed demanding special treatment because of his wife’s office in violating her restrictions on boating and use of vacation houses, something she first lied about and then tried to pass off as a joke.

But yesterday, she topped herself and uttered a phrase that should live on as her emblem of indifference to the suffering of those whom she oppresses.  Like the final generation French aristocrats before the revolution, she causally revealed her cluelessness of the misery of those she oppresses.

For those whose hair is too long, uncomfortable, or whose roots are showing her “let them eat cake” solution is to Google how to do a hair cut. No kidding! It is 35 seconds into the video below:



The mind boggles at the potential disasters that would happen when people try to cut their own hair.

I guarantee that almost every Michigander who follows this advice and ends up with an embarrassing butchered haircut will blame her.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab