Dress rehearsal for revolution

To those who believe that the riots following the tragic death of George Floyd were unscripted, do I have a bridge for you!  The mayhem perpetrated by radical left-wing groups such as BLM and Antifa (per A.G. Barr) were well planned and well supplied.  The domestic terrorists learned several important points from their nights of mayhem: 

1. They have the backing of Democrat politicians.

2. They have the support of the Democrat cadres: guilty white liberals.

3. Bored college kids will turn out in force for the demonstrations/riots to lend energy.

4. Their message, that America is a racist nation that must be fundamentally changed, and that police forces across the nation should be defunded, was resonant and effective. 

5. By and large, conservatives went into hiding (except Tom Cotton and President Trump). 

To a revolutionary, this is the perfect situation: strong support for the cause with weak opposition.  Consequently, the next riots will not be as limited in scope or as constrained in levels of violence.  Leftists sense that their moment is now, while America is weakened by the coronavirus.  There is blood in the water. 

What is the purpose of the riots? one might ask.  The answer is political power.  The anarchy may be a dress rehearsal for even more destructive riots to come later in the year, forcing governors to close polling stations as unsafe and order mail-in ballots for the general election in November.  Democrats can then commit fraud on a national scale and steal the election for Biden.  The Biden administration can then cover up the leftists' Deep State coup against President Trump to complete the work that a HRC victory in 2016 was supposed to accomplish and that the successful Stormy, Mueller, impeachment, and lockdown operations were designed to delay and deceive until Biden is installed.  The ultimate purpose is to transform America into a communist state. 

What many Americans may not fully realize is that a coup has also taken place in the Democrat party and that the socialist far-left wing has won.  Biden, the moderate, may have taken the primaries, but now he must pick a socialist with ties to Bernie Sanders, someone such as Elizabeth Warren, as his V.P.  She will become president once Biden steps down, as he surely will, at some early point in his presidency.  Then the socialist coup will be complete, and they will begin their work.  

 We all know how that story goes.

Graphic credit: Pixabay.

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