Don't let them pull off the revolution!

Having experienced firsthand the death and devastation caused by the ascent to power of Hitler and the Nazis, I see many frightening parallels between the ongoing efforts to foment revolution in America and the takeover of Germany by the Nazis. 

1. Hitler deployed his militant arm, the Sturmabteilung or Brown Shirts, to take advantage of any unrest in order to intimidate, foment riots, and initiate violence and looting.  Today, the radicalized American left's militant arms, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are being used to take advantage of unrest in order to intimidate, foment riots, and initiate violence and looting.  

2. Hitler successfully indoctrinated a significant segment of the population to believe that all their problems were created by another group of citizens: the Jews.  The left is telling the African-Americans and other minority groups that all their problems were created by another group of citizens: the whites. 

3. Hitler told the Germans that he and National Socialism would mitigate the influence of the Jews and make Germany great.  The left is telling the minority communities that leftists and their brand of socialism will mitigate the influence of the white population and redistribute their wealth.

4. German banks and corporations were intimidated into financially supporting the Nazis in a quixotic and ill fated attempt to buy peace.  American banks and corporations are being intimidated into supporting the radical left and their militant subsidiaries in a quixotic and what will be an ill fated attempt to buy peace.

The most potent of these tactics is the notion that all of your problems are created by another group of citizens due to their unfairness to you.  It is a siren song that has been successfully used by despots such as Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin to achieve unbridled power.  Over the past century, untold millions of human beings paid with their lives for falling prey to this despicable tactic.

There is little tactical difference between the current radical American left and these same despots as the left fully embraces the tactics of fascism, substituting multiculturalism for nationalism, and the tenets of communism, with identity groups replacing classes.

With the growth of the power and influence of the radical left, as they now exercise de facto control over the Democrat party and the mainstream media, this nation is facing its greatest internal threat since the Civil War. 

The time has come for the African-American community to say enough and repudiate those determined to continue to manipulate and abuse them.  It is this community that bears the brunt of leftist-incited rioting, violence, and looting.  It is the left-wing Democrat party establishment, content in the knowledge that black America has been conditioned to vote for the party's candidates regardless of circumstances, that views the majority of African-Americans with condescension and disdain.  None of this has anything to do with supposed racism; rather, it is about the unrestrained determination to achieve power regardless of the consequences for those whom Democrats claim to care about.

It is also time for guilt-ridden white liberals to get over themselves and stop being so gullible to the militant left's intimidation tactic of accusing all white Americans of benefiting from nonexistent "white privilege."  This is a deliberate ploy by the left and Black Lives Matter to recast class privilege, which encompasses all races, as incendiary and guilt-inducing "white privilege."  Those truly responsible for this nation's racist history have long since passed into the mists of time.  This nation has made enormous strides in civil rights over the past 50 years.  An occasional instance of racism by one or a few individuals out of a population of 330 million cannot be used to indict the entire society or any ethnic group.  

When I was told on that wintery day so many years ago that I was going to a special country, little did I know how special it would be.  But it will cease to be special and will, in due course, perhaps resemble the world I came from if Americans continue to be easily intimidated and manipulated.

Graphic credit: Pixabay.