Democrats are savaging Trump’s upcoming campaign rally in Tulsa

The Trump campaign scheduled its first post-Wuhan Virus rally in Tulsa on June 19.  Trump supporters understood this to mean what it said — namely, that the rally will be held in Tulsa on June 19.  To the conspiracy theorists in the Democrat party, though, the date and place are a "racist dog whistle," a subtle gesture of solidarity to his alleged army of white supremacist supporters.

This is yet another slanderous insult to a man who, when he was a Democrat, was honored for helping the black community and who, before leftists hurt the economy with Wuhan Virus madness, raised more blacks from poverty than any other president since Lincoln.

The minute Trump's team announced the Tulsa rally, Democrats immediately connected imaginary dots with invisible lines to transform a generic campaign stop into a KKK rally.  This post should function like the scene in the movie A Beautiful Mind when John Nash's wife realizes that her husband, who she thought was sane, is crazy.

The Democrat party is John Nash.  Here are the dots and lines:

Outside the black community, most Americans don't know that June 19, 1865 is the day on which General Gordon Granger announced the end of slavery in Texas.  Not long after the war, blacks began to celebrate that date as Juneteenth.

One would think that holding a rally on that Juneteenth could properly be viewed as a celebration of black freedom and emancipation, but that's not how leftists work.  Because they've slandered Trump as a racist, anything he does on June 19 is also racist.

But there's more...

In 1921, Tulsa was the site of an awful racist attack on the Greenwood District, a bustling, self-sustained black community that was so successful that it was called the Black Wall Street.  For two days, members of the KKK (the paramilitary arm of the Democrat party) and other white racists attacked the community, killing hundreds of residents and burning 1,000 houses.

Ugly though this history is, it is not what has defined Tulsa for most Americans living today.  To them, Tulsa is just a city in Oklahoma.  Indeed, based upon my Facebook feed, even wokester whites didn't know about this ugly history.  It was only after the Trump campaign announced his rally that I started seeing dozens of white friends post about the massacre, all with much the same comment: "I never knew this before.  Oh, and Trump's a racist."

Putting together those two somewhat arcane pieces of history, the Democrats have their latest narrative:

  • BET: "Biden Campaign Calls Out Racist Trump Rally To Be Held Where Black People Were Massacred: Another dog whistle?"
  • Vanity Fair: "Trump's Juneteenth Tulsa Rally Is The World's Least-Subtle Dog Whistle"
  • Essence: "Trump Sends Dog Whistle To Base With Tulsa Rally On Juneteenth: The Vast Majority Of Black Americans Consider Donald Trump A Racist. His Decision To Hold A Rally On Juneteenth In Tulsa Offers Further Proof."
  • CNN: "Trump's decision to hold a Tulsa rally on Juneteenth is no coincidence"
  • People: "Trump Campaign Sets Controversial Rally Stop for Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Juneteenth amid Pandemic" (Note: People gets leftist bonus points for reinstating concern about the pandemic after ignoring it when it came to the protests and looting.)
  • SFGate: "Kamala Harris: Trump's Tulsa rally is a deliberate 'welcome home party' for white supremacists"
  • Hollywood Life: "T.I. Shades Donald Trump For Planning Campaign Rally In Tulsa On Juneteenth: It's A 'Dog Whistle' "
  • Indy100: "Morgan Freeman slams Trump for holding 'racist' rally for Juneteenth"
  • Towelroad: "'Dog Whistle for White Supremacists': Trump Plans MAGA Rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa, Site of Horrific Race Massacre (VIDEO)"

Trump's an excellent strategist, so I'd like to think he already has plans for dealing with this latest attack against him.  He could use the rally to make his big "racial healing" speech, one that celebrates how far blacks have come in America since the original Juneteenth.  Yes, there've been ugly times since then, but as we move through the 21st century, America is the least racist country in the world and, thanks to Trump's economy, blacks are poised to become the new economic powerhouse in America.

Even if he gives such a speech, Democrats will still call him a racist and a liar.  The reality is that, because the Democrats both frame and control the narrative, Trump's always in a lose-lose situation.

If I were in Trump's shoes, what I would love to do is give a powerful speech about all the horrible things Democrats have done to blacks, from the antebellum South to Jim Crow to the welfare state (which made blacks dependent on government and emasculated their men by making them economically unnecessary to families) to the Democrats' continued refusal to recognize that blacks, who are the equal of all other people in the world, can withstand the stress of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility without the Democrat party hobbling them to keep itself in power.

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