Business departs the inner cities

In light of recent events in Seattle and Atlanta, we may see fast food franchisees just not reopening in Democrat strongholds, where small business doesn't appear to be appreciated.  When that gets noticed, it will be attributed to racism.  Fast food, it will be explained, has become another white privilege.

After that, perhaps Quik Stop and Circle K, then Waffle House and Denny's, will quietly follow suit in anticipation of the next spasm.  All the old standby places that served anybody and everybody will reconsider the wisdom of sticking around where they seem to be hated.  Soon the only businesses left in the inner city may be the Korean-owned ones that protect themselves with the entire family armed and present when the gangs show up.

No one will make the connection of this business diaspora to BLM vandalism.  Indeed, we know from videos that much of the damage done to inner cities in the recent turmoil, such as the burning of the Wendy's in Atlanta, was done by virtue-signaling white kids with too much time on their hands and too much guilt on their consciences.  The inner-city desert will broaden, making it ever harder for ordinary folks, innocent of burning and bombing and wilding and hating, to get basic necessities.

Since the wealthy white world seems to have bought into the narrative of white privilege and black downtroddenness and irremediable white racism, the only way any of this can be turned around is by inner-city voters who know perfectly well what's going on and who's really to blame for the hollowing out of their communities.  These are the people whose little ones die on the front porch, collateral damage in drive-by shootings of gangsters by other gangsters.

With their votes, these folks can send the unmistakable message that they've had enough of Democrat lies and turn out in force for the president in November.  Any other method of sending that message will be warped and distorted by the mainstream media.  Word must get out, and people must get to the polls to avoid their pro-Trump votes being harvested into Democrat votes by the harvesters.

A 40–50% black vote for the president would be an even bigger blow to the Deep State than Trump's 2016 victory.

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