Seattle's cowardly capitulation contrasts with 4 other cities putting down attempts to establish 'autonomous zones'

Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan has muscled aside Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey for the title of most cowardly and ineffective clueless wuss to lead a major American city.  She ordered the cops to surrender a precinct to the mob and then permitted a literal insurrection, with a so-called autonomous zone openly defying the sovereignty of the city, state, and nation.  Worse, she defends the insurrectionists as street fair participants.

In four other cities, some of them (Portland) as crazy left as the Emerald City, the authorities did their job and quickly showed what any sane person realizes: that civil order requires suppression of insurrections.

Emily Zanotti reports for the Daily Wire:

In an effort to replicate the "Seattle Autonomous Zone" in cities nationwide, protesters took to the streets of Asheville, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Nashville, Tennessee, and Chicago, Illinois, over the weekend. Warned by what's happening in the "CHAZ," though, police departments were quick to shut down those efforts. In Nashville, the effort was over before it even began. (snip)

In Asheville, members of law enforcement were on hand as demonstrators built their temporary lodgings on Livingston street in the center of the city and dismantled the autonomous zone just hours after protesters declared themselves immune from the laws of the United States. (snip)

Asheville cops dismantle the "barricades."

Portland protesters received the same treatment. Cops dismantled the “autonomous zone” almost as quickly as it was erected. (snip)

And in Chicago, a firm hand giving the dmeonstrators what they demand – autonomy, meaning no food and other services –is about to accomplish what is beyond Mayor Durkan’s capacilities:

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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