Bubba Wallace, snowflake of color

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace apparently contains multitudes.  Part of him is obviously a fierce competitor, a man brave enough to risk his life by racing at speeds approaching 200 mph.  You have to be able and willing to trade paint with other drivers just as tough and determined as you to make it on the NASCAR circuit.  No one who's ever participated in or attended a race would ever call Wallace soft. And then there's Bubba Wallace, the self-proclaimed victim of a racist America.  Imagine how race-sensitive he must be to look at a rope, knotted a certain way and obviously used to close a garage door, and see a noose.  Even after the FBI, who apparently investigate rope crimes when not running coups against duly elected presidents, said the rope was utilitarian and had been there for some time, Bubba insisted he'd seen a noose. If Jussie...er, Bubba sees racism everywhere, imagine how traumatic his work life...(Read Full Post)
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