America is too good for Democrats

For most of this century, Democrats have tried to start a civil war — a war between themselves and anyone who disagrees with their agenda.  To a large extent, this has been a cold war with a few hot spots.  Events are not going to plan.  Occupy Wall Street did not incite class warfare, Black Lives Matter did not start a race war, and Antifa did not expose a vast cadre of neo-Nazis lurking in the background.  What happened?  Why hasn't the plan worked?  Simple.  The left does not understand America.  Leftists remain in their bubbles and safe spaces and view the rest of us as caricatures.  They really believe we're a bunch of illiterate boobs who can be easily herded in any direction they desire.  They don't know us, and they have swallowed the demonization narrative hook, line, and sinker. The primary Democrat weapons are harassment, bullying, and...(Read Full Post)
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