A Rolling Stone editor slams journalism’s insane ‘intellectual revolution’

Matt Taibbi, a contributing editor to the leftist Rolling Stone magazine, is one of the best journalists out there. He, unlike almost any other left-wing media figure, is willing to report from a place of sanity. In his latest article, he focuses on the American media’s hellbent road to self-destruction. Taibbi, however, has a serious intellectual blind spot. While he sees and calls out the Democrat party’s insanity, he doesn’t understand that it’s the inevitable endpoint of all leftist political beliefs. He therefore misses that President Trump and his supporters are the last bastions of normalcy. If leftism drives conservatives out of America’s political discourse, Taibbi will learn that the same media madness that scares him will overtake America entirely. Writing at his blog, Taibbi published an article entitled “The American Press Is Destroying Itself: A flurry of newsroom revolts has transformed the American press.” After...(Read Full Post)
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