A new era for homeschooling

Before the coronavirus, I was standing in line for confession at our church.  It was a long line, so I started a conversation with the young family standing in front of me. I asked one of the young ones about school, and he pointed at Mom.  In other words, he said Mom was his teacher, or "homeschooling." According to estimates, 150,000 families and 350,000 kids are completing their education at home in Texas.  The kids get educated, interact with other kids, and probably learn a few things about U.S. history no longer taught at public schools. Over the last few weeks, we've confirmed why so many parents have decided to keep the kids home. This is from Denver: Two members of the Denver school board on Friday called for the removal of police officers from the city’s public schools by the end of the year, saying law enforcement personnel not only are unnecessary on campuses, but detrimental to students of...(Read Full Post)
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