When the fearful rule

The people who are sick with fear try to infect you early. If you're black, they tell you to fear the white man's bigotry. A woman is told to fear the patriarchy even though this includes the men in her life. Gays are taught to fear the homophobes running rampant through the city streets. Children learn to fear and loathe their natural sex. On a broader scale, the people sick with fear promote mistrust for the very planet we live on.  They spread their disease by chanting about climate change; the psalm becomes a part of a gloomy atmosphere that contaminates all Americans.  On the raging mad scale of their illness, some will claim that a viral infection is revenge exacted upon all of Earth for mankind's many ecological iniquities. Daily they remind you to dread the corporations, your specific division, your boss, and your co-workers. Even mentally impoverished television-talkers demand that you fear the president because he might be...(Read Full Post)
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