Turning nursing homes into extermination sites: the Gretchen factor

We’re finally getting a clear picture of exactly how the beating of a 75-year-old nursing home patient by a man nearly one-quarter his age came about. And boy, it is a shocker.

It turns out that victim and perp were sent to the Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit due to the fact that both were suffering from COVID. The older man, an Army vet, was snatched from his apartment and dumped in the nursing home without any notification of his relatives, who then spent a considerable amount of time looking for him, to no avail.

As for the younger man, who is evidently named Jaydon Hayden, though the police haven’t yet confirmed it, he was suffering from some sort of breakdown and had been sent to a group home to await treatment when he was diagnosed with the coronavirus and also dumped in the Westview facility. His father, who seems to be a decent sort, says he never should have been put there.

Hayden is now in police custody, while his aged victim is in the hospital.

What it comes down to is that the victim was placed in the nursing home to die while the authorities aimed Hayden at him like a torpedo.

It has not escaped my notice (as it has everybody in the legacy media) that Detroit lies within the realm of her Imperial Majesty, Gretchen the Terrible. Nor has it come as a surprise that Gretchen has adapted the Democratic governor’s go-to policy of using nursing homes as ice floes to dump the sick atop of. But I must admit that I was taken back to learn that Michigan has added “disappearing” patients to the formula. Leave it to Gretchen Whitmer to combine Andrew Cuomo’s already inhumane dump-the-sick policy with the tactics of the KGB.

Clearly, we have yet to plumb the depths of the Cuomo policy.  It has always been evident that it was a barely veiled effort to warehouse the sick until they popped off. But this – placing the violent mentally disturbed in the same facilities as the deathly ill with no safeguards or security whatsoever – reveals a callousness that beggars belief. The administrations and bureaucracies of the states following the dump ‘em and run policy – New York, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania being the chief culprits – have reached a plateau of psychopathy seldom witnessed in this country’s politics. As for stupidity, we’ll let that speak for itself. (Interestingly, Michigan was not even supposed to be on this list. We can hazard to guess that, like PA’s Tom Wolf, Gretchen slipped the policy into effect by stealth, under the impression that the media would let her slide.)

Nor have we seen the end of it. Yesterday Gretchen announced that, obeying the Will of the People, she will continue her iron-fisted policies until at least June 19th. Plenty of those sickies in hiding who need to be rousted out, you know. Not to mention those defiant barbers and ministers. Got to keep an eye on the big picture, playmates. Gretchen will qualify for that VP slot yet, you’ll see. The carpenter’s at work, and the chips will fly…  

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