The grossest interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci I have ever seen

Watching an actress worth $200 million go into an orgiastic state because Dr. Anthony Fauci, the "coolest guy on the planet" has agreed to chat with her and pontificate about his lucrative, 40-year-old pet theory on vaccines, is beyond depraved.

That's what happened when fading Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts put on a serious-looking pair of specs and "interviewed" Fauci in the fawning Hollywood style. Roberts, an actress, outdid any fawner in the entertainment industry press.

And it was disgusting. After all, 39 million Americans are out of work and suffering through an economic meltdown that her "personal hero" largely created.

Let's think about what is going on here with this unwelcome bit of Hollywood fluff:

The country is in the midst of what Dr. Fauci calls a pandemic emergency and not only does he think it's appropriate to talk about who will play him on television, which he did earlier, weeks later he sits down with Roberts, an uber-rich, Hollywood actress who actually tells him she is "thrilled" because "there are very few experts of anything in the world."  To make this statement even more mind-numbing, Fauci doesn’t refute her assessment.

From YouTube:

To date, Dr. Fauci has not agreed to any interviews with people who might matter, such as desperate entrepreneurs trying to save a business they worked their whole lives to build. In fact, for all of his brain power, this world-renowned medicine man, elevated to the status of an advisor to the President of the United States on COVID-19, has almost single-handedly, by virtue of his five decades at NIH, has led us as close to financial ruin as any 'expert' possibly could. He remains oblivious to the juxtaposition of videos showing barbers begging to open their shops and chatting it up with a multi-millionaire actress on Instagram.

Comfortably ensconced in his $1.8 million home in D.C., taking 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C a day, according to a 2016 Washingtonian article entitled, “How to Avoid Getting Sick When You’re Around People All Day,”  Dr. Fauci, a man no one elected to any office, has to roll out an actress because things aren't adding up. Mask off, mask on; lockdowns will flatten curve; lockdowns causing “irreparable damage;” model good, model bad; global travel restrictions “irrelevant,” travel bans necessary. All of this flip-flopping as he proposes drastic measures to keep the virus from spreading, downplays medicines that have successfully treated the virus, pushes some impending vaccine and minimizes the importance of preventative care like Vitamin C, D, and zinc

In less than three months, Dr Fauci has gone from an 'expert' to an embarrassment. He should have stayed in his office at the National Institutes of Health, worked on his HIV/AIDS research, and spared himself from becoming the face of a wrecked economy.

Image credit: YouTube screen shot

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