The US wants China's money

If there's one thing the Chinese can count on from their government, it's theft.  For millennia, the unelected despots of China have robbed their people of their money.  The communists are doing it today.  There are four state banks in China, and there is no other place that is allowed to take money on deposit. These banks pay virtually no interest, and no deposit in any bank controlled by communists is safe.  If the government needs to, it'll just take it.  All this money is being used right now in service of whatever goal the communists choose.  There is no independent business purpose for these banks.  They are just agents of the party. There is a lot of wealth in China right now.  For thousands of years, the ethnic Han have labored mightily, and to good effect.  They are a hardworking people, disciplined and smart.  They make a lot of money, and they want to get it...(Read Full Post)
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