Is the other side getting desperate?

How low can they go?  Way, way low.  The New York Times has a Sunday front page story remembering the 100,000 dead because of the coronavirus.  You can actually read some of the names such a sharecropper's son, a new wife, and an auditor. What is the point of this front-page story?  It shows President Trump playing golf for the first time in quite a while.  Do you recall any outrage when President Obama took a little time off?  Presidents can't enjoy a little enjoy a little golf? My initial reaction was anger and outrage.  After all, where is the editorial calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to apologize for the nursing home deaths? After a cup of coffee and further thought, it's obvious that the other side is getting desperate. For example, Beto returned to the front pages with a stupid attack on Governor Greg Abbott.  Nobody takes Beto seriously,...(Read Full Post)
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