Is the other side getting desperate?

How low can they go?  Way, way low. 

The New York Times has a Sunday front page story remembering the 100,000 dead because of the coronavirus.  You can actually read some of the names such a sharecropper's son, a new wife, and an auditor.

What is the point of this front-page story?  It shows President Trump playing golf for the first time in quite a while.  Do you recall any outrage when President Obama took a little time off?  Presidents can't enjoy a little enjoy a little golf?

My initial reaction was anger and outrage.  After all, where is the editorial calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to apologize for the nursing home deaths?

After a cup of coffee and further thought, it's obvious that the other side is getting desperate.

For example, Beto returned to the front pages with a stupid attack on Governor Greg Abbott.  Nobody takes Beto seriously, but he got his 15 minutes of fame this weekend.

Also, Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel is playing the "woman card" and claiming that President Trump does not like the fact that three women have prominent positions in the state.  She does not mention that a lot of men, and women, are in rebellion against the state's policies, such as closing medical services but keeping abortion facilities open.

So another day, another stupid Beto tweet and another Democrat woman playing "the woman card."  These people must be worried about their constituents showing up on Election Day.

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