The election is in November, not today

By the first Tuesday of November, American voters will decide whether to keep President Trump or give former V.P. Joe Biden a chance. Can today's polls tell us anything?  My guess is no, as we saw in this recent reminder from Scott Rasmussen: In May of 2004, while running for reelection, President George W. Bush's job approval rating was a few points under the 50% mark. Six months later, when the election arrived, his approval numbers had inched just above the 50% mark and he won just over 50% of the vote. President Barack Obama's reelection effort followed exactly the same pattern. For most of his first term, Obama's approval ratings held steady a few points below 50%. Then, in the final six months leading up to the election, his ratings inched up a few points enabling him to win just over 50% of the vote. Do you remember the polls showing Mitt Romney beating President Obama or the ones showing several candidates beating President...(Read Full Post)
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