The dominoes begin to fall

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh raised the question all Americans should be asking.  The question was not "What happens if we open the economy back up too quickly?"  Rather, it was "What happens if we open the economy back up too late?"  I believe we have already crossed that line, because too many governors and too many big-city mayors are relishing their exercise in power and a small medical hierarchy is given far too much credibility. The dominoes are beginning to fall.  Two restaurants that my wife and I have frequented for years have declared that they will not reopen.  The months-long lack of revenue, coupled with new regulations, has made it impossible for them to continue.  The woman who cuts what is left of my hair and always made me presentable for public view has told me she will not be going back to work at her shop.  The dangers of this virus, both the real danger of a highly survivable...(Read Full Post)
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