Propaganda organs of the left hard hit by lockdown

The nation's blue-state governors seem to be far more enthusiastic about lockdowns than their red-state counterparts, perhaps because they recognize that the small businesses being driven toward extinction are a key component of the GOP base.  But if their motives are so ruthless, perhaps they need to reckon with the damage being done to the key propaganda organs of the left: progressive media, higher education, and government schools. Waves of layoffs already have hit such progressive stalwarts as Vice, Quartz, BuzzFeed, and Conde Nast.  Now The Atlantic, controlled by Steve Jobs's widow and previously recruiting highly paid talent, is joining the layoff crowd.  (In fairness, conservative media, including American Thinker, have also been hard hit by the catastrophic decline in advertising revenue, but we are roughly 10% of the media landscape at most, so most of the toll comes at the expense of the left.) Higher education —...(Read Full Post)
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