OAN reporter lets Giuliani open up on Biden

The Deep State is the "administrative state," the federal bureaucracy; it's the permanent government, AKA "the swamp."  And when it comes to those who make up the Deep State, the "wheels of justice turn slowly"...exceedingly slowly, if indeed they turn at all. For the last more than three years, Sean Hannity's program on Fox News has focused on the complex of Deep State scandals centering on the 2016 campaign and its aftermath.  The scandals include FISAgate, Spygate, Ukrainegate, and "gates" we may not even know about.  So one waits for a little justice to be dealt to the Deep State malefactors who have abused the public trust and who have prima facie broken the law.  Regularly we've been told that this or that new bit of evidence is "huge" and we've been assured that some swamp creature is soon going to be frog-marched in to be fingerprinted.  But nothing...(Read Full Post)
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