Matt Gaetz calls out Trey Gowdy

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of internecine warfare on the right.  But there are questions that need answering.  When the GOP controlled both houses of Congress, why weren't subpoenas issued that could have exposed what we learned this week years ago?

I confess that I was a big fan of Trey Gowdy when he would cross-examine witnesses in congressional hearings during the first half of President Trump's (first) term in office and in his talking-head appearances on cable news shows.  He is clearly super-smart and sharp as a sushi chef's knife.  When he decided to leave Congress and go back to Columbia, South Carolina to practice law, I figured that money and the attractiveness of life there must have been the lures.  (A friend who well knows the legal community in South Carolina's capital city tells me the top lawyers there have a far better lifestyle than their NYC and D.C. counterparts.)

But still, the question kept nagging at me: why would a happy warrior give up the fight?

Last night, in a segment on Sean Hannity's eponymous FNC show, Rep. Matt Gaetz called out Gowdy and Paul Ryan in no uncertain terms.  This video takes little over a minute:


I eagerly await Trey Gowdy's response in one of his regular appearances as a Fox News contributor.

Hat tip: Sundance, CTH.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.