Biden, who told coal miners to 'learn to code,' can't quite figure out how to use Zoom

From his lockdown redoubt, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a "virtual" campaign rally another go — and it was a disaster.

Here's Tucker Carlson on Fox News, with some eye-rolling disgust not so much at Biden's general leftwingery, but at his failure to muster any basic technical prowess:

We see Biden flopping around, wondering if he was on camera, and generally not getting the gist of how Zoom, or whatever program it was he was using, works

"They introduced me? Am I on?" Biden asked someone off-screen as he approached the camera, taking off a pair of dark aviator sunglasses.

"Good evening, thanks so much for tuning in. I wish we could have done this together and it [had] gone a little more smoothly but I'm grateful we're able to connect virtually and thank you..." Biden continued before his audio feed became unintelligible mid-sentence.

The audio and video problems continued through Biden's speech, with the former vice president's lips moving out of sync with the sound and a significant amount of his talk impossible to understand through the tech problems.

Via Fox, someone at Vice described it as "[s]o plagued by technological problems it looked like it was being run by local seniors attempting Zoom for the first time."

Bear in mind that millions of Americans on lockdown have gotten the hang of Zoom and now use it for every sort of thing that used to be done in person — from family gatherings to school courses to investment talk to project meetings to work meetings to political briefings to news reports on television.  This isn't to say it's easy for everyone, but anyone who focuses on learning how to do it can get it right.  Thousands of people older than 70-something Joe most certainly have mastered it. 

But not Joe Biden. 

It suggests that learning new technical things is for little people.  Biden can't learn or won't learn or is too lazy to learn.

Carlson points out that that isn't necessarily a problem, given that Biden's campaign has plenty of money and plenty of willing helpers from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the media, and other tech-savvy redoubts that would gladly lend a hand for his campaign and get the tech set up and done right.  Somehow, the Bidenites haven't availed themselves of such resources and opted instead to do it themselves, which in a national presidential campaign signals that Biden isn't ready for prime time. 

But it definitely suggests a certain kind of arrogance.  Biden, who vowed to put coal miners out of business, blithely insisted that those kinds of layoffs aren't a problem and that anyone laid off in his proposed new green economy could easily learn to code: "Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God's sake!" he exclaimed.

He can't even figure out Zoom.

It also calls to mind that there seems to be a management problem for the campaign led by Biden.  This isn't their first technical glitch, and obviously, it won't be their last.

Remember the strange statements from Biden earlier about not having the right ceiling heights at his residence to get the lighting right for televised appearances as the lockdown began, even though he'd done such camera performances from the same place before.  Remember this?  Here was my blog post at the time:

Where's Joe Biden? 

After promising us he'd play pretend-president with daily briefings about the coronavirus crisis, blasting yet also plagiarizing President Trump, who's showing himself to be a stellar crisis president, Biden's now weirdly missing from any public appearances.

Which doesn't exactly sound like the captain you'd want in a storm. The latest excuse coming from his team is that it's all due to "lighting issues" which presumably might make his Hollywood smile look less bright to voters on camera. 

Biden's team has leaked to reporters that their man was back home in Wilmington trying to get the lighting right for his big cavalcade of upcoming play-president events, and well, they're still working on it. He didn't have any problems with lighting before, the twitterati pointed out, and the argument has brought out tweets of his luxury digs in Delaware, highlighting that public office has made Biden a very rich man indeed. Biden's last lost-in-space speech came against a black backdrop and two flags, and was, according to some reports, in any case done at his house. 

It's the same old idiocy, continuing away, and apparently Biden isn't even alarmed.  Sound like a guy who's ready to run the country?  One can only shudder with dread at the idea of Joe Biden learning to code.  And a Biden at the helm of the presidency is exponentially worse.