Lying to the cops should not be a crime

Martha Stewart and Michael Flynn have something in common.  Both were nearly ruined for lying to the cops. In Stewart's case, she was accused of insider trading for accepting the recommendation of her broker to sell some stock.  In doing so, she avoided a loss that was paltry by her standards: less than $50,000. She was acquitted on the charge that her stock sale was illegal but was convicted on charges that she had lied to federal investigators about the circumstances of it. For that, she served time in a federal prison, and her media empire was nearly destroyed.  She rebuilt her companies, and today she's once again the crème de la crème of homes and gardens. Stewart's decorating style is not my style, mind you, but readers who've seen my homes will know that's a compliment to her.  In Flynn's case, the FBI wanted to bring a case against the new president for criminal treason.  Only one...(Read Full Post)
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