Leftism: Life and politics without humor

Although leftists famously populate late-night "comedy," the reality is that their jokes lack any fundamental humor.  Usually, they confuse insults for humor.  Moreover, they're fatally unable to see when the joke's on them.  We got to see both problems on Monday. If you watch leftist political "humorists" (e.g., Jon Stewart, Jon Oliver, Samantha Bee), you'll see that the laughs they get are cheaply earned.  They identify a conservative target and make a cheap analogy that's neither witty nor intelligent.  (E.g., "Calling Donald Trump smart is like calling a wombat with his head caught in a tire a genius.") The comic then smirks knowingly at the audience.  The audience, primed to accept that an insult aimed at a despised conservative is by definition "humor," roars with laughter.  The audience has gotten its red meat. Leftism is inherently...(Read Full Post)
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