Joe Biden's running mate will have to defend the indefensible

Once Joe Biden emerges from his basement bunker as the presumptive Democrat party presidential nominee by default, he's expected to name his vice presidential running mate.  He's promised to choose a woman but has provided no clue as to whom he will tap to carry his water for the next six months.  One thing is for certain: she will be tasked to defend and run interference for a man exhibiting serious mental decline issues, a man who has been accused of sexual impropriety by a former female Senate staffer, and a man whose checkered career in politics is guaranteed to be fodder for President Trump. Prior to the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown and before sequestering himself in his Delaware home, Joe Biden's questionable behavior in public was already raising eyebrows.  Multiple incidents plagued his performance on the campaign trail, ranging from sudden bouts of anger and insulting audience members at campaign rallies to licking his wife's...(Read Full Post)
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